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Why The Jetty Box?


Moving with cardboard boxes is a thing of the past.  Cardboard does not protect your belongings. It is hard to stack and too much time is wasted assembling and then breaking down the cardboard after the move.

The Jetty Boxes are 20 times stronger than cardboard which will keep your belongings safe and dry during your move.

The Jetty Boxes are stackable and nestable which makes moving much more efficient for you and your movers.

It also costs about 25% less to rent The Jetty Boxes instead of purchasing cardboard boxes.

The Jetty Boxes are sustainable!  They can be used for over 400 moves unlike cardboard which goes directly to a landfill after only a couple of moves.


Packing Made Easy


Packages & Pricing

1-2 Bedrooms - Order Now


40 boxes 40 labels

     2 week rental



3-4 Bedrooms - Order Now


60 boxes 60 labels

2 week rental



4+ Bedrooms- Order Now


80 boxes 80 labels

2 week rental





Tired of Wasting Money on Cardboard?


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